The team

Five institutions are participating in this project: the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), Barcelona School of Nautical Studies (UPC-FNB), Club Patí Vela Barcelona (CPVB), Unit of Marine Technology (UTM-CSIC) and FabLab Barcelona, which is part of IAAC. Other participants include collaborators from various sectors related to science and the sea.

Institut de Ciències del Mar de Barcelona

Carine Simon

Oceanographer and researcher in physical oceanography. She is currently heavily involved in promoting marine scientific culture at the Institute of Marine Sciences through several dissemination and educational projects aimed at raising social awareness of the role of the world’s oceans.

Carlos Rodero

Technician and PhD student with an interest in citizen science technological projects for environmental monitoring. He is a specialist in multiplatform web applications.

Ignasi Vallès

Oceanographer. He participates in various research projects aimed at gaining insights into the world of oceanography.

Jaume Piera

Chief scientist at the Institute of Marine Sciences. He is a specialist in citizen science observation and research technologies.

Oriol Carrasco

Patí sailor. He is a marine and ocean engineer by the Technical University of Catalonia. His final thesis studies the effects of instrumentation on patí sailing.

Josep Lluís Pelegrí

Oceanographer and current director of the Institute of Marine Sciences. He is interested in the behaviour of water on many different scales, from droplets to oceans.

Kintxo Salvador

Technician specialising in oceanographic instrumentation. He is an expert in the design and manufacture of Lagrangian instrumentation, development of anchors, implementation of communication systems and management of oceanographic data.

Nina Hoareau

Oceanographer and researcher in physical oceanography. She observes and analyses physical parameters of the oceans, such as salinity and temperature, to improve the quality of measurements and validate numerical simulations.

Facultat de Nàutica de Barcelona

Inma Ortigosa

Researcher and lecturer
Researcher and associate lecturer at the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies. Her area of interest is in the development of decision-making programmes for sailing and boat design.

Jordi Mateu

Lecturer and technician
Lecturer, technician and delegate for cooperation and sustainability at the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies. He sails and teaches sailing.

Marcel·la Castells

Lecturer and researcher
Lecturer and researcher at the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies. Her field of research is maritime route optimisation, maritime transport sustainability and ship impact on port areas.

Norbert Gelardo

Technician and sailor at Espai Vela. He has devoted most of his life to sailing and onboard emergency training.

Club Patí Vela de Barcelona

Rafel Figuerola

Designer and builder of wooden boats. He is the president of Club Patí Vela Barcelona. You will often find him surrounded by a cloud of sawdust in the dockyard workshop, a very special wooden workshop where small wooden catamarans are built and repaired.

Albert Carbonell

Carpenter. He runs Club Patí Vela Barcelona and its dockyard workshop.

Unitat de Tecnologia Marina

Raul Bardají

Senior telecommunications engineer. He has extensive experience in technical development of research projects to produce prototypes for data measurement, management and visualisation systems.

FabLab Barcelona

Víctor Barberán

Industrial Designer
FabLab Barcelona Team. He is the leader of the Smart Citizen project and an industrial designer with over 20 years of experience in developing software for multidisciplinary projects in art and science.

Óscar González

FabLab Barcelona Team. Smart Citizen project leader and industrial engineer with experience in data analysis and calibration, and sensor development.


Joan Puigdefabregas

Poet and technical oceanographer specialising in adapting oceanographic instrumentation for everyone.

Iphygenia Yannoukakou

Oceanographer specialising in coastal management and amateur photographer.

Igor Carretero

Graphic designer
Graphic designer and lover of the sea and waves.

Elisabet Verger

Former student of the degree in Marine Science and Technologies. She loves it when it rains because then she can measure the changes in sea salinity.